A word from the LMMUN President

“Hi Everyone!


Thank you for visiting the LMMUN website!

My name is Klara, and I am a third year student of Diplomacy and International Relations. This is my second year serving as the president of  the London Met Model United Nations Society and it has been quite a ride!

I strongly believe that MUN can change lives! It has definitely changed mine. It has not only boosted my confidence but also enhanced my skills as well as develop many new ones. In addition to my personal development, I have had the opportunity to  meet people from all around the world and to make contacts which might help me in my future career. Networking is one of the best things about MUN.

During the last academic year, I was honoured to win a scholarship for UN4MUN – a 4-day intensive training given by the United Nations and United Ambassadors. It was one of the most tiring but best experiences I’ve had. It gave me the opportunity to learn directly from United Nations officials and made me realise the full extent of the role that Model United Nation societies play in the world . Following this amazing experience, I was honoured to win the Students Union Award for Society Officer of the year.  This Award belongs to every single member of LMMUN, because I would not have been able to achieve any of this without you! Thank you!


MUN has helped me to bring London Met students together and we had so much fun together. We have attended multiple interesting events which include among others, a conversation with the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, as well as a discussion organised by UNICEF Next Generation London and not forgetting the London International Model United Nations Conference. LIMUN was a weekend long conference which included the committee simulations as well as social activities, like the Delegates Royal Reception. We bounded so much over this weekend, it was undoubtedly a highlight of my student experience. I also remember meeting with members at the Rocket for the LMMUN Christmas party or just catching up with each other while on campus. We have made friends for life!

We have so many great plans for this year including the election of the new president. I hope to find somebody passionate who will continue with the LMMUN tradition and will ensure that the opportunities offered by MUN will always be available to London Met students.

I will always be grateful for being part of the MUN family. My involvement in MUN led to me getting an internship, gaining new friends and creating memories for life. Personally, I would recommend MUN to everyone and to make the most out of it. I hope to see some of you joining us during this academic year or to meet you at one of the conferences.”

With Best Wishes