A word from the LMMUN President

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the London Met MUN (LMMUN) website!IMG_3904

My name is Natasha, I am a third year student of Criminology and International Security and this is my second year as President of the LMMUN Society.

When I joined the Society, I felt very welcomed and supported and, therefore, I was motivated to enthusiastically participate in its activities. In our meetings, I had the opportunity to discuss many issues that are currently affecting the world and people’s lives. Sharing opinions with a multicultural group was a very enriching experience which enabled me to gain deeper knowledge about the discussed topics and consider them from different points of view. Additionally, my participation in the LMMUN Society enhanced both my confidence and public speaking skills and developed many new ones.

One of the highlights of my last year as a member of the LMMUN Society was my participation in the London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) conference where I had the opportunity to meet people from all around world. This was also a challenging event, since we had to make our point before a much larger audience. Though challenging, this event proved to be extremely useful not only for improving my experience as a MUN member but also allowed me to grow as a person.

62d32210-7de7-4091-bf55-8276e1989956The best part of the LMMUN Society is, however, its ability to bring London Met students together. Its friendly and positive atmosphere allows students to have fun, create bonds and make friendships for life!

I am extremely honoured to have been elected as the President of the Society and with the help my amazing team, Marco Mascia, Ilyas Said and Maria Khan, I intend to do my uttermost best to continue the MUN tradition and keep providing London Met students with the excellent opportunities the society has to offer.

I wish you all a great academic year!

Best wishes,