A word from our delegates

GeneWelfare Officer 2021/2022 Committee

Hello, I am Gene. It is my honour to join London Met Model United Nation Society as the Welfare & Events Officer for this Academic Year 2021/22. Currently I am studying for an MA in translation.

geneJoining LMMUN is an exciting choice for me. I found everyone here is very friendly and have been motivated by fellow members since I first had a committee meeting. I am passionate about voluntary career and international relations, which drove me to join the UN Youth project via translation services and have been to Southeast Asia as an international volunteer. These are also related to what MUN is pursuing, so here I am! Not only have I had experience of organising events, but I have been keen on meeting new friends with multicultural backgrounds and listening to different voices, I believe that my participation in MUN Society enhances both my public speaking and critical thinking skills and even more than that.

As a member of the Committee Team, I hope to bring new ideas to LMMUN where I can build on my previous experience whilst contributing to the delivery of high-quality services, bringing fun and friendship and committing values and peace to the society and London Met students as well as keeping track of all events held.

Looking forward to meeting you at MUN.

Ilyas, London Met 2017 Graduate, International Relations and Politics


“I joined this society because I have always been interested in the UN, and diplomacy in general. MUN brings the two together perfectly helping you to understand the difficult choices diplomats have to make in order to protect the interests of their states and the stability of the world order. I particularly enjoyed the opportunities that came with London Met MUN such as taking part in an international MUN event in London which was attended by delegates from around  the world and also having the chance to meet diplomats and witness the UN secretary general’s first speech in the UK. If you are interested in international affairs or just want to know more about world events and to have an insight on how the UN works then I would definitely recommend you to join this great society that is full of friendly and highly motivated members.”

Leona, International Relations and Law


“When LMMUN was first presented to me, I did not know what to expect. I guess it was my curiosity that pushed me into it and today I realise what a good decision it was. I got the chance to see how the UN works and as a “delegate” I experienced the whole decision-making process. MUN gives me the opportunity to research a discussed issue in depth and by doing so, develops my critical thinking. The best part was the LIMUN itself because I learned a lot and made new friends. So if you are looking for fun, friendship, and knowledge then MUN is a perfect choice.”

Bence, International Relations and Law


“I joined to be able to try myself in a real debate with other Delegates and this goal has become a reality at the London Model United Nations Conference 2017 which has been a great experience for me and helped me improve my skills. I am grateful for this opportunity secured by the Met MUN.”

Attia, International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies

IMG_0225“I joined LMMUN last year as a secretary, with no previous experience but always interested with anything UN related. It has proven one of the best decisions I’ve made and has definitely enhanced my International Relations course. One of the highlights so far has to be the London International Model United Nations conference held at Imperial College. Debating with students from some of the best universities in the world as well as meeting UN personnel, I strongly recommend it! I’m looking forward to seeing the society grow and attending even more exciting events than the previous year!”.

Marco, Diplomacy and International Relations

“I remember my first MUN conference like it was yesterday. From that experience I understood that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, whether that meant being a MP or diplomat in a foreign country.

As the 2nd Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld famously said, the United Nations “was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell”, MUN allows you to understand the dynamics of the world that we all live in, allowing you to experience first-hand what and how the UN works to solve crisis and conflict to create a better world for the future generation.

Being a delegate in a MUN conference allows you to learn and practice UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_d8valuable soft skills as public speaking or team-work, which are great assets that will boost your CV and your job opportunities. You’ll surround yourself with people from all over the world, making friendship that can last a lifetime.

To conclude, MUN enhance your critical thinking, to be a better and active citizen of the world.”

Click here to read a word from the LMMUN President

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